Jordi Nexus goes for specific Avant-garde Magic and high-quality communication, commonly present in the corporate world. Magic and technology go hand in hand in order to make your guests feel an amazing and unforgettable experience. Through the presentations he carries out with his iPad, Jordi Nexus both surprises the audience and reinforces the brand experience.

This is Digital Magic, a real entrance door to a world that makes everything possible. A Proximity Magic that allows you to focus on small groups and boost the atmosphere without monopolising the attention of all the audience. The attendees will successively enjoy the impossible effects of visual Magic supported by iPad.

Digital Magic helps us to get your message across in a way that creates an emotional connection between your brand and the attendees’ personal experience.

Three different services:

  • Digital Icebreaker: Perfect for vitalizing cocktail parties, receptions and fairs that allows you to focus on small groups and boost the atmosphere without monopolising the attention of all the audience. The objective is to make people spend an amusing and amazing moment and make your event unforgettable through the experience of Digital Magic.
  • Lead Generator: an ideal option to get quality leads during events such as fairs. Through his Proximity Magic with iPad, Jordi Nexus catches the visitors’ attention with stunning effects and makes them lend an ear. Concentrated in small groups, Jordi marks the lead during the conversation and if it matches with the target profile, he presents it to a member your team to complete the information or selling process. If it does not match, Jordi finishes the trick in less than 2 minutes and thanks the visitor for his/her attention.


  • As the procedure lasts about 5 minutes, it can be repeated several times during the day.
  • This is a very efficient way to maintain a high visitor flow at your stand and to make your presence at the fair profitable thanks to the amazing and original presentation of your products and services allowed by Digital Magic.
  • The performance is totally customisable and can be adapted to the objectives of any company of the fair.
  • Crowd-puller: the synergy between Magic and technology allows us to create a point of attraction in a place such a fair stand. The visitors stop to look at the tricks in a relaxing atmosphere where the “WOW” effect catches all their attention. This makes them more receptive and more open to your brand messages. At the end of the show, Jordi Nexus presents the stand and the brand and invites the people to know more about their products and services.

As the performances last a few minutes, they can be repeated several times during the day. Furthermore, the effects of Digital Magic are varied so that all the people who visit the stand live a unique experience. An entertaining way to turn your stand into the focus of media and visitors.


Control the pace of your event creating a common thread and maintaining the focus on your communication goals getting the predetermined corporate messages across in a dynamic and attractive way

Corporate Show

Give the “Wow” effect to your event while getting your corporate values and messages across in an emotional way thanks to Motivational Magic and Corporate mentalism


Digitalize and boost your event giving it a strategic value. Enjoy the interaction among the attendees in real time giving voice to the audience through technology and innovation

Digital Magic

Get the most of your event surprising your audience. Captivate their attention and get your message across in an original and amazing way using the synergy between visual magic and technology

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