Corporate Value Show is the platform we designed to customise the key values and concepts of your company and to get them across your public through an interactive experience in which surprise and amazement generate the “WOW” effect.

Jordi Nexus’s Digital Magic and Mentalism captivate the audience from the very first minute. Halfway between motivational speech and interactive show, the “entertainment” factor is used at its best to get your message across in an emotional way. The dynamics that are created invite everybody to participate in an active way and to live the experience in person, which guarantees the “WOW” effect.

For the ones who have seen it all, this funny and inspiring experience will cause a real stir

The combination of coaching dynamics and technological Magic with iPad turns the Corporate Value Show into a perfect environment for the constant transformation of the companies in this digital era.

What makes the Corporate Value Show so special?

  • Specially designed for corporate environments.
  • Adaptation of the script to fit the needs of your event.
  • Allows the customisation with the logo and corporate image of your company.
  • It is about emotion at the service of communication.
  • Tailor-made show: continuous or with successive interventions.
  • “WOW” effect which guarantees surprise, entertainment and motivation of the audience.
  • Scientific touch given by the use of technology.


Control the pace of your event creating a common thread and maintaining the focus on your communication goals getting the predetermined corporate messages across in a dynamic and attractive way

Corporate Show

Give the “Wow” effect to your event while getting your corporate values and messages across in an emotional way thanks to Motivational Magic and Corporate mentalism


Digitalize and boost your event giving it a strategic value. Enjoy the interaction among the attendees in real time giving voice to the audience through technology and innovation

Digital Magic

Get the most of your event surprising your audience. Captivate their attention and get your message across in an original and amazing way using the synergy between visual magic and technology

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Presentador interactivo digital dinámico