DIGITAL EXPERIENCE with Leroy Merlin Spain


DIGITAL EXPERIENCE in collaboration with Leroy Merlin Spain


LEROY MERLIN has more than 9,000 employees among all its centers in Spain. Nora Solé, director of HR, led this Inside Marketing project to transmit a message of accompaniment to the digital transformation.


To facilitate the transition towards digital transformation among Leroy Merlin employees through accompaniment actions. So that it does not feel like an imposition or a whim of the company, a campaign of 4 weeks was created called Digital Experience, as an innovative and disruptive format to transmit the message.


Jordi Nexus starred in some videos to convey the message in an attractive, surprising and interactive way. The innovative and original format of Jordi Nexus and Magency, supported by the WOW effect, generated a high emotional impact, optimal to anchor the messages.


During 4 weeks we developed the Digital Experience campaign, which created an atmosphere of surprise where everyone could interact, and that’s how the magical moment of the week came about. We created 4 video capsules to convey the message in an inspiring, interactive and effective way.

  • Week 1: Motivational session in which each worker had a card. Through screens in each center, we created a telematic magic game that saw the more than 9,000 employees of the 63 stores. The WOW factor was the key to start with the best energy.
  • Week 2: We made Digital Magic to the employees of the stores, interspersing the messages for their transformation process. Tablet in hand, we surprised with impossible effects to users / customers. The proximity of the environment made the other participants in the campaign feel connected.
  • Week 3: Interactive dynamics so that the 9,000 employees were protagonists of the magic game through their mobiles. Here, we take the opportunity to explain how technology connects us regardless of distance.
  • Week 4: We present the new digital platform for internal use through personalized effects with a tablet where the purchased item appeared on the screen in a very visual and surprising way. We recorded one of the stores with a hidden camera, and the reactions were surprising. The companions were amazed when they saw them on their phones at the magic moment of the week.


  • The magic visualized at a distance, managed, at the same time, to feel close and accessible, contributing to fix the message.
  • Jordi Nexus and his team created a unique content for the Client combining technology, magic and emotional connection with the audience.
  • Jordi Nexus as a communicator and generator of experiences, and the WOW factor of digital magic and mentalism get the audience to connect the contents and messages with their most emotional part, generating experiences in the first person.


Voluntary employment of employees achieved through the dynamics. The employees openly shared their personal opinions, assimilating the message.

The Digital Experience managed to get more than 9,000 people to wait each week for the “magic moment of the week”. Thus, the internal communication campaign was more effective and felt like an experience, not an instruction of the company.


“Jordi Nexus and Magency’s work has fulfilled our expectations much more than we could have imagined. It has been one of the most successful campaigns of participation. Jordi Nexus has managed to convey the message in an experiential, interactive and amazing way to our more than 9,000 employees.

Jordi Nexus has accompanied us in the process of digital transformation that we are experiencing in our company. He is a communicator and generator of experiences with a high creativity that has fully understood our need, applying the WOW factor of digital magic and mentalism to convey messages in an experiential way to his audiences.

I would definitely recommend other companies to Jordi Nexus, for its ability to quickly capture what we wanted to transmit and translate it through an innovative proposal, always with absolute professionalism”.