Get a positive attitude of the attendees thanks to interaction

SparkUp: digital interaction aimed at boosting your events in real time

Jordi Nexus is an Official SparkUp Facilitator in the Iberian Peninsula, a live digital interaction tool aimed at motivating the participation of people who attend events, meetings and training sessions.

Through their mobile devices, the participants can interact in real time with the facilitator and all the contents are stored as data format. That means that they can be subsequently used by the companies, hence its strategic value.

SparkUp offers many advantages:

  • It allows you to manage your program or calendar in an easier way
  • It boots the audience in order to achieve your goals
  • It fosters teamwork through gamification
  • It gives some strategic value thanks to the possibility of analysing the contents after the event
  • It helps to revitalise work sessions, training sessions, etc.
  • It gives voice to all the audience, not only to the ones who always intervene
  • It fosters the attitude required to develop the program in an interactive way
  • It helps to bring digitaltechnology closer to people

Jordi Nexus digitalises your event interacting with the audience through technology: he connects his screen to the attendees’ mobile phones and gets access to some functions such as “word clouds” (one of the most visual ones), voting time, questions and answers session, etc.


Control the pace of your event creating a common thread and maintaining the focus on your communication goals getting the predetermined corporate messages across in a dynamic and attractive way

Corporate Show

Give the “Wow” effect to your event while getting your corporate values and messages across in an emotional way thanks to Motivational Magic and Corporate mentalism


Digitalize and boost your event giving it a strategic value. Enjoy the interaction among the attendees in real time giving voice to the audience through technology and innovation

Digital Magic

Get the most of your event surprising your audience. Captivate their attention and get your message across in an original and amazing way using the synergy between visual magic and technology

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